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Handling of personal information related to inquiries

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1. Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy is as published below.

2. Purpose of acquisition and use of personal information related to inquiries
The personal information you enter when making inquiries will be used for confirmation of request details, sending of materials, confirmation of arrival of materials, explanation of materials, product information, seminar information, etc.

3. We will not outsource the handling of personal information acquired by us to a third party.

4. If you do not fill in the required fields, we will not be able to answer your inquiry.

5. For the purpose of providing better websites to customers (posting information and distributing advertisements according to customers' tastes and tastes),we obtain information such as websites viewed by site visitors, and search keywords, and history of advertisements viewed and their clicks, and browsing time, and type of browser used, and access date and time, and IP address, and company information within the range that can be determined from the IP address, etc. by using cookies or similar technologies issued by services provided by third parties on various sites operated by us. But, this information does not include your personal information (name, date of birth, phone number, email address, address, etc.)
However, if the information collected by cookies etc. is related to the customer information for the purpose of guiding the most suitable products and services to the customer, the information will be treated as personal information based on our "Personal Information Protection Policy".
The information collected, recorded and analyzed will be managed in accordance with the privacy policy of each service. If you want to stop using the above information, you can stop using it by opting out of cookies. Please check the privacy policy and opt-out method of each company by clicking the Your privacy button at the bottom of this page.

6. Contact information for inquiries regarding the handling of personal information